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Can you touch your toes?

Join yoga guru Gary Rosenberg as he guides his very tight and tough friend, Tee Cardin, through his very first yoga lesson. During this video you will see for yourself that a lack of flexibility (being too tight) is not an obstacle to beginning a yoga and relaxation program. Let Gary be your personal instructor and guide you through 4 different practices with detailed explanations that include: A simple meditation practice, awakening the spine, sun salutations and a relaxation response. The dvd is set up to explore each or all of these exercises at your convenience.

"This fun and easy-to-use program will guide you in beginning a yoga and relaxation practice."

For Women and Men of All Ages!
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You will learn:

- simple seated meditation
- gentle spinal rejuvenation
- total-body awakening

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The DVD can also be purchased at Davis Kidd Booksellers in Memphis, TN
More Locations to Follow

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